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Reduce aerodynamic drag



The WindTamer® aerodynamic profile saves fuel costs by improving the aerodynamic profile under a semi-tractor trailer.
The rugged polyethylene construction is lightweight, compact, and its low profile streamlines to redirect air flow under rear axle and around the wheels.


Allows access to trailer undercarriage



  • WindTamer® aerodynamic profile saves fuel $ costs by improving the aerodynamic profile under the semi-tractor box trailer, TOFC or flat bed.
  • Small streamlined profile redirects air flow under rear axle and around the wheels.
  • Rugged lightweight polyethylene construction allows complete access to the trailer undercarriage
  • Compact size provides more than 20" road clearance
  • The rugged polyethylene material has been field proven as an undercarriage rock shield for many years in the automotive and trucking industry.
  • Allows access to all "I" beams
  • Small footprint (less than 7 feet wide) allows trailer access to spare wheel storage, and TOFC applications.
  • Installs in less than 1 hour without any drilling
  • 20 inch road clearance
  • Low cost with up to a 2% fuel savings without maintenance



Low Cost 1-3% Fuel Savings without Maintenance

The ATS Advantage

  • Small profile yields fuel savings without maintenance
  • Mid-carriage location mitigates exposure to road & wheel debris
  • Lightweight under 50 lbs.
  • 20”road clearance reduces chances of damage from curbs, railroad crossings and steep docks
  • Reduces build-up of snow and ice on hanging brake lines
  • Saving fuel $ costs also reduces harmful air emissions
  • Reduces backwash
  • Rugged polyethylene body, stainless steel hardware provides long life



Smarttail and Windtamer

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Installation - ATS technicians will assist and train fleet, dealer and installer networks to insure efficient and quality installers.

Service - Replacement parts in stock and technicians available.

Warranty - 3 year warranty

Sales - Network of experienced dealers is growing. ATS will work with fleets preferred dealers, interested dealers, distributors, and installation service networks should contact ATS.

SmartWay has listed
SmartTail® and our
IAS Integrated Automated System
(SmartTail®with WindTamer®)
as verified technology products.

Learn more about Smartway EPA

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