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Reduce aerodynamic drag


IAS Integrated Automated System

IAS combines SmartTail® + WindTamer® for a 5-8% fuel savings. ATS has fully tested all of its products
to industry and SAE Type II J1321 standards. The IAS is listed as a SmartWay verified technology to meet the CARB compliance.


Truck Diagram

Equation For Success

    • Fuel Savings without maintenance
    • Meet CARB requirements without side skirts
    • Totally Automated SmartTail® aerodynamic rear spoiler is deployed at highway speeds and stowed without driver duties to allow door opening.
    • Your trailer logos can be printed on ATS products.


Smarttail and Windtamer

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IAS Fuel Savings Diesel @ $4.00/Gal
  50,000 Highway Miles 100,000 Highway Miles 150,000 Highway Miles
Speed Gallons Saved $ Saved Gallons Saved $ Saved Gallons Saved $ Saved
50 351 $1,406 703 $2,812 1054 $4,218
55 381 $1,526 763 $3,051 1144 $4,577
60 417 $1,669 834 $3,338 1252 $5,007
65 448 $1,791 896 $3,582 1343 $5,374
70 533 $2,131 1065 $4,262 1598 $6,393
75 617 $2,469 1235 $4,939 1852 $7,408
Savings calculated using SmartWay verified SAE type ii track test, Wind Tunnel tests and road data
Track tests performed by 3rd party - Continental Tire Oval track - Uvalde Texas
Uses a base tractor-trailer with 6.5 mpg before SmartTail® is added
Savings don't apply to fuel spent for idling and reduced at lower speeds



SmartWay has listed
IAS Integrated Automated System
(SmartTail® with WindTamer®)
as verified technology products.

Learn more about Smartway EPA

Compliance with


Tested to SAE J1321 Type III



Installation - ATS technicians will assist and train fleet, dealer and installer networks to insure efficient and quality installers.

Service - Replacement parts in stock and technicians available.

Warranty - 3 year warranty

Sales - Network of experienced dealers is growing. ATS will work with fleets preferred dealers, interested dealers, distributors, and installation service networks should contact ATS.


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